Is the phone overtaking the good old laptop?

Kai Platschke @ teamdecoder
2 min readDec 20, 2019

As you might know, I am always looking for better ways to work, to optimize processes, to find tools that are easier to use or better looking of with new features to try out. Recently I have realized, that many phone apps can do more than my laptop can. And that surprised me.


  • Share a PDF invoice from my email app directly with my bookkeeping app
  • Within the email app I click on the “share” button, then chose the bookkeeping app and then on “upload”. Done.
  • When I do this on my laptop, I have to save the attachment first on the hard drive, then open my bookkeeping webpage, then click the “add receipt” button and then upload the PDF from my hard drive.
  • Sooo complicated!
  • And I face similar problems when I want to save my files in my Google Drive cloud directly, without them touching my hard drive first.

But actually, I always say that I cannot “work” on my phone or my iPad. When I need to “work work” I open my laptop. I never write long emails on my phone or work on excel files on the iPad — it’s just too small and touch is just not the right medium to access individual cells! But now I start to check my emails on my phone first, even when working, to be able to manage all those attachments before switching to the laptop. Because the cloud file management is just so much easier their.

Weird world :)

Similar feelings?

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